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A variety of experiences. A backpack full of stories.

The combination of mountain and lake.

The Mirnock offers a breathtaking natural spectacle throughout the year. Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, with the sun as a constant companion, the well-deserved time out becomes a personal moment of happiness. Whether active or relaxed - it is certainly always enjoyable.


Ever hiked according to Sebastian Kneipp?

No?! Then it's time for a visit to the Kneipp Panorama Trail on the Mirnock.

With the scent of blooming alpine meadows and forests in your nose, there is a lot for young and old to discover.

Our adventure playground of nature.

Need an energy boost or simply want to switch off?

There are special power places on the Mirnock. At the places of power, located directly on the Kneipp Panorama Circular Trail, leylines (sacred lines) demonstrably meet. At these places there is a particularly powerful energy field with harmonizing effects for humans and animals.

Our power place, framed by grasses and trees.

Making green cosmetics yourself - not tried it yet?

Karin Schaller is the expert for natural cosmetics among the Mirnock farmers. The certified herbal expert and "green cosmetics" educator is happy to pass on her extensive knowledge at special workshops. Simply register and create the beneficial oils or ointments for the skin yourself under supervision.

Our place for the freshness kick.

Experience the most beautiful sunset - bet?

When the sun says goodbye behind the Großglockner and the last golden rays in Lake Millstätter See end the day, then you should sit at one of the magical places on the Mirnock.

At the numerous resting benches in the midst of the alpine meadows, at the edge of the forest clearings or at the starry balcony.

Our places for moments of happiness.

Winter holiday in a quiet way - ever experienced it?

Clear, fresh air, the crunch of the snow under your feet, the sun's rays on your face and all around the silence of nature.

Whether on 2 legs, with snowshoes or sporty with touring skis. The Mirnock offers beautiful vistas between mountain and lake that are waiting to be explored.

Our places to pause.